Masterson Design?

Those who know me as Clint Satterwhite may be asking where I came up with the name Masterson. Well, to be perfectly honest, I have to give the credit to my parents. See, Masterson is actually my middle name. Yes, Clint Masterson Satterwhite. Talk about a mouth-full! Growing up, I hated the name. As I got older, and I gained appreciation for my namesakes (Clint Eastwood and Bat Masterson), I began accepting, and even incorporating the Masterson into my identity. First was the CMS quick signature and logo. Then I decided to use Masterson as a logo on my first custom electric guitar. So, that answers the Masterson half.

Design? This site, projects that I highlight here, any business that comes of it etc. are all a result of a design process that I go through.

I research.

A lot.

I read books, forums, watch videos, etc. I meet with experts at user groups and clubs. I ask industry experts their opinions any chance I get. Learning is a keep part of the design process, and it is what keeps me motivated. I review works of others to see what I like, and what I don’t. Sometimes VERY closely scrutinizing something will reveal mistakes that can be avoided (and that would have annoyed me in my own project).

I prototype. Sometimes, the research pays  off and the prototype turns into the final. However, I always approach a project expecting to make mistakes and having to make course corrections. Sometimes I will prototype in a cheaper or easier to work with material. I will make templates. I might even do a rendering if needed. For artistic purposes I have used PhotoShop to mock something up. I have designed parts using cardboard to get the rough dimensions down, and then transfer to metal. I want to start working in a CAD package like Solidworks. This will add a level of precision and repeat-ability and will be critical as I get into more manufacturing processes like CNC.

I look at everything as a project.. something that requires design work up front. It can be taking a simple picture, to spending several hundred hours and thousands of dollars building something.

So there you have it… Masterson Design. It is my relentless pursuit of perfection and better ways of doing things.


Site categories will include, but not be limited to:

  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Metalworking
  • Woodworking
  • Photography
  • Knifemaking
  • Gunsmithing
  • Zymurgy
  • Charcuterie
  • ???

The site has only just been created and has a LONG way to go, so please be patient. 🙂

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